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Type 2 Diabetes Surgery

What is Type 2 Diabetes Surgery? Surgical Applications in Turkey

Type 2 diabetes is one of the diseases that have become quite common today. Of course, this has been contributed by many factors. Type 2 diabetes can occur due to many factors, from genetic factors to lifestyle choices such as eating habits. Since it is a disease that endangers the body system if it advances, it should be professionally controlled and treated.

One of the biggest factors in the development of type 2 diabetes is weight problems. In fact, many of the people with this disease are struggling with high weight. Therefore, type 2 diabetes surgery performed within the scope of obesity surgery is among the solutions of diabetes. After the surgical process, the patient should adjust their lifestyle preferences in line with the doctor’s guidance.

Type 2 diabetes surgery is a gastric tube operation performed on people struggling with both high weight and diabetes. It is among the frequently used methods to control diabetes by controlling insulin and to find a solution to the problem of high weight.

What Should Be Considered in Type 2 Diabetes Surgery?

Type 2 diabetes surgery is actually a surgical method that is not applicable to every patient. In order to perform the surgical process, it is necessary to be at the appropriate weight and to have consumed insulin reserves. Examinations should be carried out with a multidisciplinary approach and it should be decided whether the patient is suitable for this procedure. In some cases, it may be necessary to resort to different surgical techniques for obesity or different treatment applications may be used in particular for diabetes. Of course, this is a decision that professional teams should make.

In the postoperative period in type 2 diabetes surgery, patients must adhere to a meticulously prepared plan. This plan includes lifestyle choices as well as nutrition and sports activities. The importance of getting professional support is once again encountered here.       

Turkey’s Type 2 Diabetes Surgery Applications

Turkey is a country that makes a difference within the scope of type 2 diabetes surgery. In general, it has hospitals, doctors and teams specialized in obesity surgery. As a country where the above-mentioned needs of professional support are perfectly met, Turkey makes a difference in its region with its investments in the health ecosystem.  

Izmir’s Type 2 Diabetes Surgery Options and Advantages

Izmir’s type 2 diabetes surgical applications continue to be a source of pride for Turkey. Izmir is a city in Turkey that has the most vibrant economic environment following Istanbul and is a preferred region in terms of living space, with well-equipped hospitals. There are many staff members experienced in obesity surgery in these hospitals with world class equipment support.

Izmir is advantageous within the scope of type 2 diabetes surgery applications because these experienced staff members have completed many operations successfully so far.

Izmir offers numerous advantages within the scope of type 2 diabetes surgery or obesity surgery, as well as advantages in terms of city facilities. You can spend time in Izmir, where you will visit during the surgery preparation, operation period and afterwards, and enjoy the surrounding cities and touristic areas.

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