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Thigh Lift

What is a Thigh Lift? Thigh Lift Surgery in Turkey

Thigh lift surgery is one of the plastic surgery operations that have been used for a long time to improve the problems that occur in the skin in the leg area. Our skin may be affected by many factors, especially aging, and as a result of these factors, it may lose its elasticity. This situation causes the problem of loosening and sagging of the skin in time. When adipose tissue is formed on this excess skin, the muscle groups that carry the weight sag from the places where they are tightly attached and cause the skin to sag further. Thigh sagging may occur for the following reasons.

  • Effects of aging
  • Gravity
  • Effects of sun and environmental factors
  • Unhealthy diet, related rapid weight gain and loss
  • The effects of bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Inadequate water consumption

Thigh lift operation can be summarized as the transformation of the loosened and sagging area due to the above factors back into a healthy form. 

Professional Solution for Thigh Lift

Although thigh lift operation is an aesthetically administered application for many people, it also offers beneficial solutions in terms of health. Sagging legs become heavy and cause the patients to get tired quickly, and some shaking skin areas limit the mobility of the patients and decrease the quality of life. Thigh lift operation is also a highly preferred application in this respect.

Thigh lift operation is performed on the area between the leg and the knee. So why is a professional solution required in thigh lift operation? The thigh lift operation includes a process that must be carefully managed.

In thigh lift operation, an incision is made over the groin and excess skin pieces are removed from there while a lifting procedure is administered. If needed, fat tissue may also be taken. Professionalism in this process is very important for the success of the transaction. Otherwise, the problem of sagging again may occur in a short time.

Is Turkey a Suitable Option for Thigh Lift and Plastic Surgery?

Turkey has very successful clinics performing thigh lift and other plastic surgery operations. These clinics have gained a reputation for their world-class services not only in Turkey, but also in surrounding countries. Therefore, it is among the countries that are frequently preferred in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Turkey stands out for its successful healthcare service in thigh lift and other aesthetic operations, as well as being easily accessible, economically competitive and having unique facilities.

Clinics Performing Thigh Lift Surgery in Izmir

Izmir is a good choice for anyone who wants to have a thigh lift operation with many different successful clinical solutions. Because Izmir, as one of the metropolitan cities of Turkey, always has advantageous transportation options. In addition, thanks to its atmosphere, patients who prefer this city can enjoy the natural heritage of Izmir and surrounding cities. Izmir, which also provides opportunities for city life, is one of the prominent cities for everyone.

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