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Neck Lift

What is a Neck Lift? Neck Lift Surgery in Izmir

Neck lift surgery is also included in face lift operations in some regards. However, neck lift can also be applied by itself because the neck is a region where skin problems are experienced before the facial area. The effect of old age causes skin problems in every person. While this starts from an early age in some people, it develops with old age in others. Apart from old age, there are some factors that cause skin problems.

Gravity is one of the factors that make the neck lift operation necessary. Even if we are not aware of this effect that pulls us down every day, our body is. Weather conditions such as sun rays, wind and various chemicals also have an effect on the loss of elasticity of the skin. Of course, not having the right eating habits, preferring a lifestyle without exercising, that is, not taking care of yourself in a healthy way accelerates this process.

Neck lift operation is an aesthetic surgery method that is frequently used to eliminate the above problems and a very popular application today. Nowadays, it is carried out successfully through many different methods.

Reliability in Neck Lift Surgery

Reliability is very important in neck lift operation. Even if it is perceived as a simple process, it contains an operation process that must be meticulously planned and carried out.

Neck lift operation is used to improve the loosened and sagging structure of the neck skin that has lost its elasticity. In this operation, the loosened skin is stretched by removing fat tissue and excess skin, which have created weight by sagging and caused more sagging due to this weight. Thus, it is possible to achieve the desired appearance again. Moreover, this operation is beneficial not only in terms of aesthetics but also in terms of health as the weight-bearing neck skin always pulls down the entire face area. You need healthy planning and implementation processes and professional teams for this operation to be successful. 

Success of Neck Lift and Aesthetic Surgery in Turkey

Neck lift clinics in Turkey include the professional teams you are looking for. Turkey’s success in the field of aesthetic surgery is known throughout the world and particularly in terms of aesthetic surgery applications, patients prefer Turkey for health tourism. In addition to its healthcare services and cultural values, Turkey is a country that stands out as an economical choice. It serves you with its teams that are recognized for their success in the field of aesthetic surgery with neck lift operations.       

Izmir’s Neck Lift Clinics and Cultural Heritage

With its neck lift clinics and cultural heritage, Izmir is one of the central points having the distinctive features mentioned above in Turkey. The city of Izmir, which has fully equipped clinics in the field of aesthetic surgery and teams with great skill set, stands out with its cultural heritage.

When Izmir is preferred for neck lift operation, different applications can be combined in this process. During the time you spend in this process, you can enjoy the unique journey we have planned for you as Novar Clinic family. Novar Clinic brings you the healthcare you need at the right address. It makes your flight plan and allows you to stay in contracted hotels comfortably. During this time, we will be with you at every point to enjoy your time with cultural and touristic activities.