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What is Labiaplasty? Genital Plastic Surgery in Turkey

Labiaplasty procedure can be summarized as reshaping the vulva structures in the vaginal area. The outer lip in the vagina, i.e. labia major and inner lip (labia minor), can be reshaped and a healthy appearance can be obtained within the scope of labiaplasty.

Although labiaplasty has been an existing genital plastic surgery for many years, it is not well known and has not become very popular compared to other aesthetic surgery applications. However, the procedures within the scope of labiaplasty application include solutions that will increase the quality of life of many women.

Reshaped vaginal lips with labiaplasty application eliminate the deformation caused by aging and sexual activities. In some women, the vaginal lips may have a congenitally large and sagging form, but most of the time this is a situation that is encountered later. When it does occur, this causes a serious decrease in the quality of life for women. First of all, this situation, which creates an aesthetically undesirable appearance, can become worse and cause complaints of pain due to movement. This can affect the choice of clothing, sexual life and mobility. However, it is possible to eliminate all these with labiaplasty.  

Professional Support is Necessary in Labiaplasty

Labiaplasty surgery is the reshaping of the lips in the genital area in a healthy and aesthetic way. Of course, this situation will add a positive value to life by creating healthy results as well as an aesthetic appearance. In genital plastic surgery, as in every operation, it is necessary to act in accordance with professional support. Otherwise, undesirable issues may arise at the end of this process, which must be managed very precisely.    

Labiaplasty and Genital Plastic Surgery Applications in Turkey

Turkey is a reliable country in terms of labiaplasty and genital plastic surgery applications. The main reason for this is undoubtedly that Turkey offers rich solutions in plastic surgery. Numerous hospitals and clinics, which host patients with a healthcare service beyond world standards, accept thousands of patients every year. Turkey, where there are serious investments even in the field of plastic surgery, is always considered the right choice to benefit from healthcare services.

Additional advantages also arise when labiaplasty is to be performed in Turkey. For example, Turkey is seen as an economical choice compared to many countries. In addition to the economical opportunities it provides, it is an attractive country with its comprehensive facilities, cultural and touristic activities. The fact that it also has metropolitan cities such as Izmir puts Turkey one step ahead in terms of city life.       

Labiaplasty Clinics in Izmir and BeWell Services

Izmir is one of the largest cities in Turkey, hosting a large number of clinics that perform labiaplasty and genital plastic surgery applications. Being the leading city among the socio-economically preferred cities, Izmir is where many plastic surgeons prefer to live with this feature. This makes Izmir a city equipped with unique solutions in the field of plastic surgery.

As Novar Clinic family, we do not only bring you together with the best clinics of Izmir, but also make all your flight plans. In our contracted hotels, we create a journey plan that will allow you to discover the cultural heritage of Izmir such as Ephesus and experience Turkish cuisine, as well as a unique comfort. Remember to contact us for a unique experience and the healthcare service you desire.