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Gastric Bypass

What is Gastric Bypass? Why Should You Trust Professional Teams?

Gastric Bypass is among the most frequently performed surgical operations among sleeve gastrectomy. Today, it is still administered to many patients, even if it is replaced by sleeve gastrectomy. Gastric Bypass application is carried out by bypassing a large part of the stomach. Thus, a small part of stomach remains, and the weight loss begins for patients with weight problems.

Problems with high weight are very common today, and the daily life of today has a big share in this. It is not possible to pinpoint a single country or region because problems such as high weight, obesity, and morbid obesity are often seen around the world. Gastric Bypass application has been used for years as a alternative solution in this regard.

In Gastric Bypass surgery, some of the intestines are reduced in size together with the stomach. The stomach, which gains a small form, is sewn directly to the intestines. Thus, some of the food is excreted from the body without absorption.

Why Should Gastric Bypass be Performed by Professional Teams?

Although Gastric Bypass application has been performed for many years, it includes a very sensitive surgical process. It may involve various risks and therefore includes a serious preparation and post-operative period. Even if patients are ready for surgery in some cases, they may need to lose weight in preparation for the surgical process.

The process is not fully completed after Gastric Bypass. This is because the weight loss process has just begun with the stomach procedure. For this reason, it is necessary to act according to a plan with every detail considered after the operation as well as the careful preparation before the operation.

Gastric Bypass surgery should be done by professional teams while considering these features. Apart from multidisciplinary evaluations and examinations, detailed controls, nutrition program, training program, nutritional supplements and materials used in the surgical process are very important.    

Gastric Bypass Surgery is Carried Out by Expert Teams in Turkey

Gastric bypass surgery is performed by expert teams in Turkey. Although it has been an operation resorted to for many years, Turkish physicians and teams have provided assurance to both Turkish patients and patients coming from neighboring countries.

Gastric Bypass is performed successfully in Turkey because it has doctors specializing in obesity surgery. In addition, the preparation and post-operative periods, every detail of which has been considered for the patients, is successfully performed. Hospitals that not only offer services with world-class qualification but also make a difference use top-notch materials.

Izmir Sets an Example for Gastric Bypass

Izmir has set an example for Gastric Bypass. The reason for this is that it contains a large number of hospitals that meet the above-mentioned features very successfully. Because of its location and convenience of airline transportation, the needs of patients from not only Turkey, but also from many other countries are met in Izmir.

Izmir is a place where Gastric Bypass surgery can be done successfully, and it differs from other cities with the additional advantages it offers. Apart from the living space and hotel capacity, it is preferred by everyone with its proximity to many points of interest.

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