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Gastric Balloon

What is Gastric Balloon? Gastric Balloon Applications in Izmir

Gastric balloon application is among the methods that can be applied as an alternative to more profound operations in patients struggling with weight problems. Many patients even demand gastric balloon application in order not to undergo a serious surgical preparation and operation process. It is possible to get successful results when this application is performed by professional teams and when the patient continues the process by keeping their motivation and following the instructions.

Gastric balloon has become one of the frequently preferred solutions for obesity, morbid obesity and weight problems. Of course, the spread of weight problems has given rise to alternative solutions in this area. Unlike sleeve gastrectomy methods, stomach is not reduced in the gastric balloon. Moreover, the application is performed endoscopically with completely closed methods. Thus, the process is completed without the need for surgical recovery.

In gastric balloon application, a balloon filled with water, which is placed into the stomach using the endoscopy method, provides fullness in the stomach. Thus, with this feeling of fullness, patients consume less food and may start to lose weight. However, after the gastric balloon is inserted, it is necessary to maintain the eating habits and activities planned by the doctors. 

Does Gastric Balloon Application Have its Risks?

Gastric balloon application does not involve major risks in terms of surgical process. Endoscopy applications should be carried out by expert teams and detailed research should be carried out before the process with a multidisciplinary approach. Only then may the balloon be placed in the stomach. Professional management of this process is very important.

The gastric balloon is especially successful with the post-operative process. This is because patients consume less food with the fullness that occurs in the stomach. However, in this process, healthy foods with high nutritional value should be preferred. Of course, patients do not perform any exercise during this process. They must stick to the plan prepared by professional teams. Thus, they can regain their health by experiencing a great weight loss within 1 year. In order for this planning to be carried out successfully, it is necessary to manage the process with professional teams.      

Is It Possible to Undergo Gastric Balloon Application in Turkey?

Turkey is a country where you can have a successful gastric balloon application. This is because it has professional teams and technical competence not only in gastric balloon application, but also in obesity surgery in general.

Gastric balloon application is performed successfully in Turkish hospitals because detailed studies carried out on planning. After the detailed screening of the patient, all the factors that will be needed during the process are evaluated and applied. The exercises to be done after the gastric balloon application and the details of the nutrition program are prepared in a detailed manner. 

Izmir Gastric Balloon Applications and City Facilities

Izmir is one of the cities providing the best facilities in Turkey in the gastric balloon application. Izmir’s hospitals and doctors who have gained worldwide reputation in these hospitals serve you. Moreover, they work in light of plans with every detail considered.

Izmir is one of the preferred cities in gastric balloon application. The reason for this is that the doctor and hospital facilities are very advantageous, as well as the advantages of Izmir and the surrounding cities. Since the gastric balloon application is a more practical and non-scarring one compared to other surgical applications for obesity, patients and their families can go on environmental trips and enjoy the city.  

If the gastric balloon surgery is carried out in the city of Izmir, it may be a great opportunity to visit touristic areas and explore the unique atmosphere of the city.

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