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Fat Removal (Liposuction)

What is Fat Removal (Liposuction)? Liposuction in Turkey

Fat removal application, also known as liposuction, is perhaps the most popular operation in the field of plastic surgery. Liposuction applications, which have been performed for many years, have become famous and have helped many people to achieve both their health and the aesthetic appearance they desire.

Fat removal (liposuction) may arise as a need in some cases. Since the new world order and the way people work changed, weight problems began to appear around the world. The effect of the difference in eating habits is also great in this case. Fat removal has become a more common method in these years when the problem of high weight and obesity has increased significantly.

Fat removal (liposuction) is a very useful application not only in cases such as high weight and obesity, but also in patients with regional lubrication, even if there is no weight problem in general. Besides, fat removal (liposuction) application is a procedure that is used in many stretching operations, i.e. body aesthetic operations, if needed. In other words, it can be combined with different operations.

Fat Removal (Liposuction) Operation Should not be Underestimated

Since the fat removal (liposuction) application has been used for a long time, it can be performed benefitting from quite different methods today. Of course, the basic principle of each is to remove fat tissue from the body. Advances in modern medical techniques and medical technology studies have made the techniques and technologies used in liposuction applications safer. Thus, it has become an operation that patients have undergone more safely. However, if fat removal (liposuction) applications are not performed correctly, this may pose serious risks. For this reason, it is recommended to have it done by professional teams. 

Fat Removal (Liposuction) Applications in Turkey and Its Benefits

Turkey provides services with very successful clinics in fat removal operation and other aesthetic applications on the whole body. Since fat removal surgery is often used in many aesthetics applications, clinics located in Turkey that are very successful in body aesthetics also stand out in fat removal operations.

If Turkey is preferred for liposuction, you would be able to benefit from the additional advantages offered here. Apart from a unique healthcare, Turkey also offers the following advantages.

  • Easy access from many regions due to its location
  • Unique urban atmosphere in metropolitan cities
  • The high level of cultural heritage and touristic activities
  • Successful clinics for patients who want to have combined procedures
  • Economically competitive options
  • A large service capacity with both living area/hotel and spa etc.

If Turkey is to be preferred for fat removal and liposuction, Izmir, where you can easily access each of the above opportunities, should be your first choice.

Clinics Performing Fat Removal (Liposuction) Application in Izmir

Izmir provides privileged opportunities to patients who want to have a fat removal application. This is because it has a large number of clinics with a well-equipped technical competence and experience in body aesthetics. Moreover, it is possible to reach each of the advantages offered by Turkey in a metropolitan city such as Izmir.

If liposuction is performed in the city of Izmir, exploring the city atmosphere in Izmir and cultural heritage values such as Ephesus can also be a part of the travel. Novar Clinic considers every detail from the flight planning for you and welcomes you in very comfortable contracted hotels.