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Ear Correction Surgery (Otoplasty)

What is Ear Correction Surgery (Otoplasty)? Ear Correction Surgery in Turkey

Ear correction surgery, also known as otoplasty, is more commonly known as prominent ear surgery among the public.  Otoplasty applications, which can be considered as reshaping the ear, are mostly used to correct prominent ear forms.  The prominent ear problem can be explained as the shape of the ear being at an unusual angle.  Prominent ear condition usually does not pose serious health risks, but reveals an aesthetically undesirable and unattractive appearance.

Prominent ear correction surgery (otoplasty) can be performed under local or general anesthesia.  During the operation, small incisions are made behind the ear and the ear is reshaped and its angle changed through these incisions.  Then, the sewing process is completed with very tight stitches and the plastic surgery process is completed. Prominent ear correction surgery is one of the plastic surgery types used especially for young patients.  In fact, it is among the rare plastic surgery operations that can be administered from a very young age.     

Do Not Waste Any Time for Ear Correction Surgery (Otoplasty)

There is a reason why ear correction surgery, namely otoplasty, is performed from an early age in prominent ear problem.  If children notice the difference of angle in their ears during their developmental period, they may be affected from it.  Seeing that their friends’ ears are not like theirs, they may perceive themselves differently, and this may create different problems in the future. In addition, children who are involved in the social environment during their developmental period may be psychologically affected when they are ridiculed. For this reason, prominent ear correction surgery is applied from an early age.  Of course, this makes it a necessity to manage the process both technically and psychologically very well.  The process should be handled successfully with professional teams.

Turkey Stands Out With Reliable Clinics in Ear Correction Surgery

Turkey is a country that stands out with reliable clinics in ear correction surgery.  Being aware of the above-mentioned special conditions and having both academic and technical competence in this regard, clinics may provide you with the healthcare services you need.

While Turkey meets the needs of a large number of patients within the country in otoplasty, it also successfully meets the needs of patients coming from surrounding countries. It has an advanced capacity and a large number of teams with high availability of equipment.  If you want to complete the process of ear correction surgery in a reliable way, contact us to learn the opportunities offered by Turkey.     

Izmir Ear Correction Surgery (Otoplasty) Applications and City Privileges

Izmir is a city that offers privileges in the field of ear correction surgery just like other aesthetic operations.  Izmir is a city developed in socio-economic terms, which makes it preferable in every sense.  Therefore, many doctors with worldwide success provide services in the city of Izmir.  Thus, Izmir constitutes a large part of Turkey’s potential.

If you prefer Izmir for otoplasty application, you will not only get a perfect healthcare service, but also have the opportunity to participate in cultural and touristic activities.  Cultural values ​​such as Ephesus, Turkish cuisine and much more await you in Izmir.  As Novar Clinic, we make your flight planning in detail and provide you with a comfortable stay in our contracted hotels.  Moreover, we enable you to discover the beautiful atmosphere of Izmir and enjoy it while receiving reliable healthcare services.