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Breast Reduction

What is Breast Reduction? Mammoplasty in Turkey

Breast reduction surgery is one of the most frequently used surgical applications among the operations performed within the scope of mammoplasty. This is because of the high number of women with large breast problems. Since it is a mammoplasty application that has been administered for a long time, many methods of this operation have been discovered today and the surgical process is carried out safely. However, it is very important to act without taking lightly the planning period and implementation itself and to manage the process with professional teams.

Breast reduction surgery is initiated when women with large breast problems are admitted to clinics with many complaints. Large breast problems are issues that seriously reduce the quality of life. Breasts put a serious load on the whole body, especially on the shoulders, with the weight they carry. For this reason, patients may quickly become tired in daily life. Moreover, women who have to live with this weight have a problem of hunchback and serious back pain. Big breasts slow people down, restrict mobility and even affect clothing choices. Thus, even in daily activities, it is necessary to face the problems caused by the big breast problem. At the same time, problems such as excessive sweating, rash and fungus in the inter-breast area also occur in large breasts. All these complaints are problems that seriously reduce the quality of life. 

Reliability in Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery is a method preferred by many women in order to eliminate the problems mentioned above. Aside from aesthetic concerns, it should considered to undergo breast reduction operations in order to feel more comfortable in terms of health. You can safely receive this treatment in experienced and specialized clinics and increase your quality of life.

Breast reduction operation is not just about reducing the large breast mass. In this process, shaping is also performed to maintain the breast’s natural and aesthetic appearance. Moreover, as the weights and shapes of the breasts can be different, it is necessary to create a symmetrical appearance at the end of the operation. All these details require professionalism and experience.    

Breast Reduction and Mammoplasty Applications in Turkey

Turkey is able to meet the professionalism and experience you need in breast reduction and mammoplasty applications. This is because it has hospitals and clinics that provide world-class service in almost every field thanks to the healthcare it offers. In addition, Turkey, which hosts a large number of successful doctors in metropolitan cities, brings you together with safe and high-quality healthcare thanks to this characteristic. Moreover, Turkey has economically suitable advantages, natural beauties that everyone wants to see with a unique atmosphere besides being easily accessible.    

Izmir: The Right Address for Breast Reduction Surgery

Izmir is one of the first choices in Turkey for patients who need to undergo breast reduction surgery. The reason is definitely that many of the fully equipped hospitals and clinics are in Izmir, Turkey. In addition to offering you reliable opportunities in the field of health, Izmir will be your first choice thanks to its cultural heritage and touristic activities.

As Novar Clinic, we bring you together with the healthcare you need in Izmir, the leading city in the field of health in Turkey. By making plans from start to end, we consider every detail for you and turn healthcare into an enjoyable journey. In our contracted hotels, we enable you to experience comfort, cultural trips such as going to Ephesus and trying Turkish cuisine in the unique atmosphere of Izmir. Explore Novar Clinic services now.