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What is Brachioplasty?  Brachioplasty and City Privileges in Izmir

Brachioplasty is one of the plastic surgery applications performed within the scope of body aesthetics and it is usually applied for the upper arm.  The upper arm area is perhaps the most prone to sagging on the body.  It is possible for the skin to lose its elasticity due to many factors.  Of course, the effect of old age and gravity is at the forefront for the sagging of the upper arm area.  Losing its elasticity over time, the skin tissue begins to loosen and sag.  The weight increases with the fat tissue as well, and the muscles that hold the skin tightly begin to weaken over time and a complete sagging occurs.

The main reason for carrying out brachioplasty applications is a serious skin sagging from the back and inner surfaces of the upper arm towards the elbow.  In addition to creating an aesthetically undesirable appearance, this restricts mobility and causes swinging when arm moves.  This creates a situation that increases the discomfort felt by the patient.

Planning Process in Brachioplasty

Brachioplasty also requires a serious planning process similar to other aesthetic surgery applications. The extent of sagging of the skin, the thickness of the subcutaneous fat tissue and the personal characteristics of the patient are taken into consideration. Next steps are taken in line with the research and the planning of the surgical process is performed accordingly.

In some cases, it may be necessary to resort to the liposuction method in the brachioplasty operation, but this procedure may not be needed in every patient.  In some other cases, the sagging is limited to the armpit area while most patients have a sagging up to their elbow.  In this process, it is very important for patients to undergo the operation in line with the detailed research.  For this reason, it is always more beneficial to manage the process with teams that have gained experience in this field.  

Turkey Offers Reliable Solutions in Brachioplasty

Turkey has the features to meet all needs of brachioplasty, and even those of all the aesthetic surgeries.  So why should you prefer to undergo brachioplasty operations in Turkey?  The reasons are as follows:

  • Turkey provides services with fully equipped hospitals and clinics
  • It has advanced experts and teams that are able to perform world-class applications
  • It is economically competitive
  • It stands out with its natural beauties and charming cities

Turkey provides an advanced healthcare for anyone who needs to undergo brachioplasty operation with unique features.       

Brachioplasty Aesthetic Surgery Clinics in Izmir and City Advantages

Izmir serves with its clinics that will meet all your brachioplasty needs and other aesthetic applications.  The above-mentioned advantages offered by Turkey come to life in Izmir. Due to being easily accessible with many different means of transportation, and its general location, it also makes patients from abroad happy.  Moreover, the city of Izmir has many advantages.

As Novar Clinic family, we can connect you with the best clinics in Turkey and in the world that perform brachioplasty in Izmir.  Moreover, we do not only provide you with this unique healthcare, we also bring you together with the advantages of Izmir.  You can step into a unique experience at our contracted hotels in Izmir, where cultural heritage such as Ephesus is located and which differentiates itself with Turkish cuisine.  Check out the Novar Clinic services now and remember to contact us if you have questions.