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Beard Transplantation

What is Beard Transplantation? Reliable Beard Transplantation Options in Turkey

Beard transplantation applications have become one of the most common techniques today, just like hair transplantation. It is one of the methods frequently used by patients with no beard growth or local beard loss to achieve the desired appearance. As the beard transplantation applications became popular, the research on this field has increased and the techniques have always improved. Today, beard transplantation is successfully performed with many different methods through advanced medical technologies and modern medical practices.

Just like in hair transplantation, hair follicles collected from different parts of the body are used in beard transplantation. Of course, there is no need to collect hair follicles as much as it is needed in hair transplantation. In the beard transplantation process, the hair follicles collected one by one are transferred to the beard area with a special protection and replace the hair follicles here one by one. This application can be performed with different techniques today. 

Get the Look You Desire with Beard Transplantation in a Reliable Way

Beard transplantation is a way for many people to achieve the look they desire. However, this way should not be considered as a simple process. If beard transplantation is not performed safely and naturally, you may not be satisfied with the result you get. Beards covering a large area in the lower part of the face will cause the entire facial expression to change. Therefore, a meticulous planning process is needed.

Preliminary tests and preliminary images of the post-operative appearance are prepared in beard transplantation, and the most compatible beard shape for the face is determined with the examinations made in line with these images. Then, considering these data, the amount of hair follicles needed is determined and the preparation phase is completed for the operation. The technique you need during the operation should be determined in advance. As it is a delicate process, it can take a long time and requires professionalism. For this reason, it is recommended to have it done by expert teams who have gained experience in this field. 

Beard Transplantation Applications in Turkey

Turkey is among the countries that stand out in beard transplantation applications, just like in hair transplantation. The fact that it has a large number of clinics in this area, the patient capacity is very high and the richness of technological opportunities are among the factors that prioritize Turkey. Thanks to well-equipped health institutions, these operations can be carried out safely. For this reason, Turkey has been preferred by domestic patients and many people from abroad to receive this service.  

Izmir Offers Exclusive Solutions to Everyone Who Wants to Have Hair Transplantation

Izmir is a great opportunity for every patient who wants to have a hair transplant. This is why the city of Izmir hosts a large part of the healthcare potential that Turkey has. As Izmir is one of the leading cities in Turkey in socio-economic terms, there are many hospitals and clinics in this city. Moreover, the best doctors in the world and in Turkey are living in Izmir. With these features, Izmir offers exclusive healthcare services to patients who prefer Turkey for beard transplant.

Izmir owes its popularity in hair transplantation applications to its cultural and touristic features. As Novar Clinic, we carry out all flight planning of our valued guests, and we guide you in the best way possible with our pre-flight suggestions. While you have a comfortable stay in our contracted hotels in Izmir, we are happy to introduce you to the cultural values of Izmir, such as Ephesus, and Turkish cuisine in your spare time.